6 Mayıs 2010 Perşembe

bende istiyorum!

işte bende böyle bi foto çektirmek istiyorum! hatta içinde de çektirmek istiyorum! evet evet yapcam bunu=)
bu arada resmini yollayan NaneBetty'ye (duygu sevimli) cok tesekkurler=)

3 Mayıs 2010 Pazartesi

in english please!

Everything started with Emre's teasing of my leave for London. Listen to this: "You couldn't survive London. You're not a London type. If you went there, you would do nothing, you wouldn't be able to go out or do anything." The pathetic even said this "What the hell will you do in London all by yourself as a girl?!" We discussed the whole afternoon.. People saw us fight got surprised and tried to figure out why. But we didn't care and I defended London as if I were a member of the British Royal Family. I was so close to being knighted a Sir.

And here comes my turn: "I can tell you a 1000 things that I would do in London". And there was no turning back when he said incredulously " Do it then, tiny". That was when the monster inside me went out. I counted a few things I could do right, I would do that but my unnecessary friend Emre challenged me: " Even if you continue your list until morning, no until summer, even if everyone helped you, no way you won't find a 1000 things".

The purpose of this blog is to find a 1000 things to do in London until summer. I'm a girl of my word, I won't quit. Maybe I'll never get to see London but I'll find those 1000 things. I'm counting on your help and support. If there is anyone reading what I'm writing here, please send me your ideas. Those ideas are welcome for our bet. Plus, the things on the London to do list doesn't have to make any sense :)